Activator Rating

To Gain Your Activator Rating:

1.  Register for the Basic Scan Protocol when you take your first Activator Institute VT course. This is the cornerstone of the Activator Method. In addition, this course includes the Basic Written Test. Once you have passed at 80%, you can take a practical test for your Basic Proficiency Rating. 

2.  If you want to earn your Proficiency rating, which gives you a free listing on the “Find a Doctor” site for patients looking for Activator Chiropractors. The test will be forwarded to you by email after your Basic Scan Protocol course. You will need to video the practical portion of the testing and upload it to us using the link at the bottom of the Activator Institute VT page. 

3.  When you join us for your 2nd and 3rd seminars, register for the Upper Extremities and then the Lower Extremities courses. This covers the instrument adjusting for the upper and lower extremities and completes the Activator Technique. Each course includes written testing. Once you have completed both classes at 80%, you can be automatically upgraded to Advanced Proficiency Rating. Prerequisite: Basic Scan Protocol class.

4.  If you want to take all three courses thru the Full Training Series on the Activator Institute VT, remember you only have 30 days to complete all three courses. 

Student Rating Policy: Students who have taken the Activator Basic Scan Protocol class and earned a Proficiency rating at their Chiropractic college can get a listing on the website once they have been licensed and are in practice. They are then eligible to take the Upper and Lower Extremities seminar classes and earn their Advanced Proficiency Rating. Still, they are listed as Basic Proficiency for the first year they are in practice. After you have been in practice for one year, you will be automatically upgraded to an Advanced Rating. In addition, we do offer a discounted rate for courses to Recent Graduates for two years after graduation.


To Maintain Your Rating:

1.  Once you have earned your Proficiency or Advanced Proficiency Rating with Activator Methods, you receive more than just outstanding training on the world’s most popular instrument-adjusting technique; you are also eligible to have your practice listed on our website for patient referrals. You can also upgrade to a complete web page to advertise your services. The Premium Page Subscription is in addition to your requirement to maintain your rating. 

2.  You must take an Activator Methods VT Course once per calendar year, with a minimum of 12 CE Hours, to maintain your Proficiency or Advanced Proficiency rating. If the course does not provide 12 hours, you must accumulate them with more VT courses. With the introduction of Activator Institute Virtual Training, all International doctors are required to maintain their rating each calendar year. 

3.  If you lose your rating due to non-attendance within the once-per-calendar-year requirement, you can regain your rating by passing the appropriate Activator Institute VT course and the written exam at 80%. For Basic Proficiency, take the Basic Scan course, and for Advanced Proficiency, you can take either the Upper or the Lower Extremities to regain your Proficiency Rating. 


Contact an Activator Methods Customer Service Specialist for more guidance. Phone: 800-598-0224