Musculoskeletal disorders affect 5-7% of the  population in Canada. Neck pain is one of the more common  musculoskeletal complaints. Spinal manipulative therapy attempts to  reduce pain and increase range of motion. Treatments from any profession  require valid evidence of efficacy. This study examines two popular  treatments used by Canadian chiropractors, a mechanically assisted  device commonly known as the Activator Adjusting Instrument ™, and  spinal manipulative therapy. Fourteen subjects were randomly into two  groups. Each subject was assigned by a blind examiner and then given one  of the two treatment interventions provided by an experienced  chiropractor. The outcome measures used were lateral flexion and a  subjective pain rating scale. The results revealed that there were no  statistically significant differences before and after the  interventions. Further study is required using larger sample sizes  before conclusions can be made regarding the efficacy of the selected  interventions. However, the importance of the need for future  comparative studies is discussed.

Chiropr Tech 1996; 8(4):155-62.

Author information: Yurkiw D, Mior S. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.