Continuing Education Information


  • All states mandate clocked hours to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits. Our program utilizes a clock tracking mechanism, and we are only authorized to issue CE credit solely for the time spent in class (up to the maximum number of credit hours posted). To be eligible for the available CE hours, completing the final exam with a score of 80% is required. All CE certificates are issued by our sponsor Palmer Chiropractic College. For specific due dates and state-specific requirements, kindly contact your state board. For further assistance, contact the Palmer College CE department at 800-452-5032 or


  • Activator Methods International has requested CE hours for most states and provinces, except for IN, LA, MS, and WI, which do not accept online CE hours.


  • CE hours for Oklahoma are available for the 50 years of Clinical Observations, Activator for Animals, and Pediatrics courses solely from 02/21/2023 through 02/21/2024.


  • CE hours for Tennessee are only available for the Basic Scan Protocol, Upper Extremities, and Lower Extremities.


  • CE hours for California are available for the Basic Scan Protocol, Upper Extremities, and Lower Extremities courses.


  • Furthermore, Activator for Pediatrics and 50 Years of Clinical Observations courses are approved only for California from 01/01/2023-12/31/2023. Our CE hours for the Activator for Animals course are not accepted in CA, HI, NY, TX, and AB.