Reference: Dennis M. Richards…Chiropractic Journal of Australia March 1994 (Mar); 24(1): pp.28-32

Abstract: Activator Methods chiropractic technique (AMCT) was developed by Warren Lee, DC and Arlan Fuhr, DC. In the evolution of AMCT, Lee and Fuhr drew on elements of several other techniques, including Logan Basic, Van Rumpt, Truscott and Derefield, and developed innovation equipment, such as the Activator adjusting instrument (AAI) and an adjusting table designed specifically for AMCT. Based on oral history interviews, this paper records the early lives of Lee and Fuhr, their entries into chiropractic, influences on their personalities, the development of their technique and the seminars which presented it to the chiropractic profession.

Key Words: (MeSH): chiropractic , history; historical article. (other): history of chiropractic