An overview of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) theory and training is provided. The Kaminski model includes an outline for formal evaluation of current hypotheses and practices advocated and taught by Activator Methods, Inc. On this basis, we consider AMCT assessment procedures to show some promise of reproducibility within, and among, practitioners. Although AMCT procedures are among the most widely studied chiropractic procedures in the scientific literature, and although some quantitative outcome data concerning Activator instrument adjusting are available, few controlled trials have been conducted. Consequently, no strong claims for the clinical effectiveness of these (or other chiropractic) intervention strategies are currently justified. Theories and rationales for AMCT procedures are incomplete, and require further elaboration. Recommendations for further research, and for improvement in AMCT instruction are provided.

Chiropr Tech November 1990; 2(4)168-175.

Author information: Osterbauer P, Fuhr AW. Activator Methods, Inc. Phoenix, AZ.