The Activator® Adjusting Instrument is a hand-held device which can produce adjusting force. Four activator adjusting instruments were used to introduce a force into a measuring system. Surprisingly, the force decreased linearly after two or three revolutions of the adjustment knob. The adjustment knob allows greater anvil movement when the activator adjusting instrument produces a force. A model based on the physical mechanics of the Activator adjusting instrument was able to explain 88 percent of the force variation. Similar data was available from meric and DNFT adjusting so they were compared with the Activator adjusting instrument. The fixed energy of the activator adjusting instrument lead us to the hypothesis that significant movement of bone may not be necessary for the healing process to take place.

Dig Chiropr Econ 1984 (DEC); 27 (3): 17-19.

Author information: Duell ML.