Bell’s Palsy is a relatively common, painful, unilateral facial paralysis of unknown etiology. While often claimed to be successfully treated by chiropractic methods, no standard treatment approach is generally recognized within the profession, nor has any report of chiropractic adjusting technique combined with high-voltage electrotherapy. While these two cases do not necessarily represent any rule for the chiropractic treatment of Bell’s Palsy by the methods used, or for other chiropractic methods that may be used, they do represent an initial time/treatment “base-line” by which future inter-and intratechnique comparisons may be made for the determination of relative effectiveness.

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1992 Nov-Dec;15(9):596-8. [PMID:1469344]

Author information: Frach JP, Osterbauer PJ, Fuhr AW. Activator Methods, Inc., Phoenix, AZ 85060-0317.